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mountain running

Every so often, you get super bored of running the same routes. Running is boring on its own, but day after day, week after week of passing the same houses, saying hello to the same people, and being chased by the same dog really puts a damper on things. And when running gets boring, your whole livelihood falls apart. 
You tend to skip runs more often. "Injuries" start piling up like nobody's business and you end up having to rest your legs on the couch with a bag of Doritos while you binge on Wheel of Fortune. Sometimes even Jeopardy if the mood strikes you. After all, it's on the same channel, and it can be pretty entertaining as long as Mr. Trebek keeps things interesting with his razor-sharp humor.
But the problem is that you're starting to like this new lifestyle. It's growing on you. Unlike your daily run, each nacho cheese dusted tortilla chip has its own personality and flavor, and you never know when Alex is going to call The Daily Double. Suddenly,…

the little things

I think it's safe to say that I'm an injury-prone runner. Every season, something seems to derail my training: when I was just a lad in freshman year of high school, it was shin splints. Later, my ankle, then turf toe. My senior year was miraculously injury-free, and I'm really grateful for that.

But it looks like I'm falling back into the cycle of injury, as I've just gotten over a hamstring pull that threw off my workouts for about a week and a half and ruined my indoor debut. I could blame it on shoes, my coach, the weather, the phases of the moon, or Mercury in retrograde, but I know for sure what it actually is.

Me and my bad habits.

It hurts to blame yourself for anything, but I've truly gotten lazy about a lot of things. I've been eating so-so, staying up late, and skimping out on strength and stability workouts. And as a result, my body is starting to break down again. It certainly doesn't feel great to step on the starting line knowing that th…