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it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop

This past Thanksgiving I ran in the CEA-Johanna Foods Turkey Trot 5K and finished 10th with a time somewhere in the neighborhood of 16:39. I say "the neighborhood" purely because I'm too lazy to look up the fractional seconds on CompuScore. Not that it matters anyway, of course.
This was a pretty good result for me. It's not exactly what I wanted, but considering the craziness that had been the prior five months or so, I was satisfied.
I graduated high school in May of 2016 without a real sense of what I was going to do with myself from then on. Whereas all of my peers were headed off to a four-year college, I was going to be stuck in Central Jersey for at least another two years. As a solid B student who admittedly never put forth much effort into my schoolwork, I had already decided that I wasn't academically ready for a four-year college. I knew that in junior year. Back then I'd certainly dreamed of going away to college -- I would compile lists of all t…